Sysomos launches Audience: Optimize marketing campaigns and measure social media ROI

Sysomos Unveils Audience for Social Media ROI

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Audience Science of Social Media ROI

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Connecting Visits to Websites with Social Media Mentions

May 4, 2010, Toronto - Sysomos is excited to announce the preview release of Sysomos Audience, an innovative and disruptive service that measures social media ROI.

Audience is aimed at digital marketers, community managers and sales professionals who want to learn more about their potential customers and their value. Audience fills the significant gap between Web analytics services, which provide information about what is happening on your Web site, and social media monitoring services that track who is talking about your company or brand.

Audience's user-friendly features provide information and intelligence about what your potential customers are doing online, and the Web sites and blogs influencing them the most.

"We believe Audience will revolutionize the way that key stakeholders understand the online ecosystem around their brands," said Nick Koudas, Sysomos' chief executive and co-founder.

"Audience tells you why someone visited your site, their importance and potential value. Audience helps you optimize your social strategy by providing the ability to really understand what is working and what isn't in your social marketing campaigns and engagement efforts".

Using Sysomos' extensive social media database, Audience automatically identifies the ecosystem that includes competitors, analysts, blogs and related social sites. Every visitor to your Web site is analyzed and associated with their activities within this ecosystem.

Audience is based on Sysomos' proprietary technology, which does not use referrers or cookies. Our tracking tools work even if a visitor comes to a Web site several days after reading an article or blog post.

Using Audience:

  • Sales managers can identify and follow up on the most valuable leads. With Audience prospective customers and media sources are scored (using a virtual currency figure or dollar value) so their potential value can be understood and outreach can be prioritized.
  • Community managers can focus on the most important relationships. Audience associates each blog and social site within the ecosystem with detailed statistics about its impact based on business objectives.
  • Marketing managers can see how their campaigns are performing and the new leads being generated. As a result, they can finally measure ROI and attribute value to their social marketing campaigns.

Audience is currently in beta, and Sysomos will be working with a small group of companies to integrate new features and improvements. Audience is expected to be available to customers by the third-quarter of 2010. Like Sysomos' Heartbeat (social media monitoring) and MAP (analytics) services, Audience will be available as an online offering with a monthly license fee.

Audience complements Sysomos MAP and Heartbeat. MAP lets users understand the broad social media landscape by providing detailed analytics. Heartbeat provides real-time monitoring and engagement. Audience closes the loop by providing intelligence and visibility about every potential customer and the impact of any online mention.

The video explains Audience in more detail.


Q: Why is Sysomos releasing this product?

We work with a growing number of community managers, advertising and digital marketing professionals. We realized that social media ROI is a point of pain that needed to be addressed. As an innovative and fast-moving company, we decided to tackle this challenge by leveraging our existing technology, which collects and aggregates billions of online conversations taking place within social and mainstream media.

Q: How is Audience different from social media monitoring and analytics products, including those offered by Sysomos?

Social media monitoring tools track the social sites talking about your brand but they fail to provide information about how they are influencing your customers and other stakeholders. Audience will complement the existing Sysomos services MAP and Heartbeat to provide complete information. Audience provides a tight link between social mentions on their impact on ROI.

Q: How is Audience different from web analytics tools such as Google Analytics?

Web Analytics tools only track the actions a visitor performs on your site. There is, however, an entire ecosystem not tracked by there tools, which includes your competitors, industry analysts, partners, vendors, independent blogs, and fan communities.

Q: Who will use Sysomos Audience?

Sysomos Audience is an invaluable tool for sales managers, online advertisers, community managers and digital marketers. Along with Sysomos MAP and Heartbeat, Audience will be attractive to public relations and communications professionals, product development groups, market research groups, and customer insights divisions.

Q: Does Audience infringe upon my privacy?

No, Audience does not infringe on your privacy. Like other Web analytics programs such as Google Analytics, we do track your online actions. This information is correlated with our social media database.

No personally identifiable information is collected unless specifically disclosed. Audience only collects anonymous statistics.

All information is stored securely and we do not provide access to or sell this information to any third party other than the Web site you visit. An opt-out program is also in place to ensure complete blocking of any data collection.

Please contact us at for any further questions.

Q: Referrers and cookies in web analytics provide the same information, how is this different?

Referrers only capture direct visitors to your Web site. Often, a visitor reads about a brand more than once before taking an action and visiting your Web site. Cookies are limited to you and your partner sites, and can not track the social ecosystem at large. Audience correlates visitor's actions with the entire social ecosystem to provide a complete picture without relying on cookies and referrers.

Q: When will Audience be commercially available?

Sysomos will be working with a number of companies in a private beta of Audience to improve the service over the summer. We expect Audience will be available commercially by the third quarter of this year.

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About Sysomos


Sysomos is redefining social media analytics by providing corporations, marketers, public relations agencies and advertisers with the intelligence and insight needed to make smarter business and strategic decisions. The Sysomos platform provides instant and unlimited access to all social media conversations to see what's happening, why it's happening, and who's driving the conversations.

Sysomos' products include

MAP Media Analysis Platform (MAP): A feature-rich service that offers customers the ability to analyze and understand social media conversations. MAP delivers insight and intelligence about the major conversations, why they're happening and who's driving them. You can make unlimited queries on any topic to get real-time results, collaborate, and generate detailed reports for clients.

Heartbeat Heartbeat: A cost-effective, real-time monitoring and measurement tool that provides constantly updated snapshots of social media conversations delivered using a variety of user-friendly and intuitive graphics. Heartbeat organizes conversations, manage workflow, facilitate collaboration, and provide ways to engage with key influencers.

Audience Audience: Measure your Social Media ROI and optimize your Marketing Campaigns. Using Audience: Sales Managers can identify and followup on most valuable leads, Community Managers can focus on most important relationships, and Marketing Managers can finally measure ROI and attribute value to their campaigns.

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