Social Media Online Monitoring - Compare Tools by Sysomos

Choose the Right Sysomos Solution

Sysomos offers two products, Heartbeat and Media Analysis Platform (MAP), to customers looking for leading-edge social media analytics services. Although Heartbeat and MAP are based on the same underlying technology, they provide different features to meet the needs of different users.

Heartbeat is designed for day-to-day monitoring and measurement requirements, while MAP provides an in-depth research tool.

Heartbeat: Social Media Monitoring and Engagement

Heartbeat: Real-time monitoring of brands and products, with measurable metrics and the ability to engage with key influencers.

Heartbeat Pro: Monitoring, measurement, in-depth metrics, key influencers, detailed sentiment for advanced users, and the ability to engage with key influencers.

Sysomos MAP - Social Media Analysis Platform

Sysomos MAP: A full-feature analytics service with unlimited access to billions of social media conversations, as well features such as automated sentiment and geo-demographics.

MAP is ideal for in-depth research, historical analysis, and the preparation of value-added reports.

Differences between Heartbeat and MAP

Feature Heartbeat Sysomos MAP
Real-time, Comprehensive, Multi-lingual
Continuously refreshed database of entire social media universe.
Unlimited Use
No limits on the number of returned results or usage.
n/a YES
Unlimited queries across any brand or topic
Geography and Demographics
Age, gender, location, profession and language information.
Automated analysis to positive, negative or neutral.
User-defined Dashboards
Continuously monitored pre-set queries.
YES n/a
Ad-Hoc Querying
Instant access to results of any query across any time range or media source.
n/a YES
Text Analytics
Extraction of key insights, themes and trending topics.
For monitored topics
For any query across any time period with drill down capabilities
Key Influencers
Automated search for opinion leaders and authoritative individuals.
List of top influencers for monitored topics
Unrestricted access to list of influencers across any industry and demographics
Drill Down
Focus and filter by age, gender, location, sentiment, time, competition, and topics.
Up to 3 filters per data view
Unlimited filters, granular data segmentation
Engagement Workflow
Collaborate and manage engagement with bloggers and other online influencers.
YES n/a
Historical Content
Access to billions of social media conversations collected historically.
Up to one year at additional cost
Instantaneous access to all historical data.
Premium Support
Dedicated account manager for training, product support and best practices.

Sysomos also provides partners with access to APIs that can be used to export all analytics and content.