A Look Inside Online Video Statistics

October 2009


Online video consumption continues to show huge growth. According to Nielsen, there were 11 billion video streams watched by 139 million unique users last month in the U.S., which represents growth of 24.8% and 11.3% respectively compared with September 2008.

Although the total number of visits to a Web site or the total number of video streams delivered is an indicator of audience engagement, Sysomos decided to use their proprietary social listening tools to provide an alternate view by looking at social media video engagement by bloggers.

Tapping into our extensive database, we measured video engagement within the blogosphere over the last year by examining each video-sharing service, and counting the number of links within blog posts to videos either embedded in a post or via a direct link. We believe this kind of activity suggests that a video is interesting enough that bloggers want to offer a way for readers to engage with it.

We examined more than 100 million blog posts between July and September 2009. We identified links and embedded videos within the following video platforms: YouTube, Blip.tv, Dailymotion, Metacafe, MTV, Vimeo, Hulu, Yahoo! Video, Google Video, Break.com, MySpace and MSN Video.

We believe this is the first in-depth exploration of how bloggers are engaging with video-sharing services.

Here are some highlights from the study:

Market Leader: YouTube - Not surprisingly, YouTube is the most popular video-sharing service used by bloggers, attracting 81.9% of all embedded videos and direct links. Vimeo is a distant second with 8.8%, followed by Dailymotion and MySpace.

Young Males Engage the Most - 20-to-35-year-old males constitute the most engaged demographic group in our study. In total, 77% of users are under 35-years old, while 60% of all users are male.

Asian Users Engage Differently - 90% of the users from Asia and Oceania are under 35-years-old. In comparison, a third of North American users are over 35-years-old. Bloggers in Asia and Oceania are less likely to use services other than YouTube, with 89% of the links and embeds pointing to YouTube.

Gender Balance - The most male dominated video service is Break.com (88%) vs. (12%) females. The most female dominated video service is MTV (68%) vs. males (32%). The most balanced video serviceis MSN (56% male and 44% female).

Countries and Cities - The countries with the most bloggers embedding and linking to videos are the U.S., Brazil, Spain, the U.K. and Canada. In terms of cities, the most active bloggers who embed and link to videos live in New York, Sao Paulo, London and Madrid.

Engagement Peaks on Tuesday - The most popular day for engaging with video in the blogosphere is Tuesday and Wednesday. The most active engagement takes place between 11a.m. and 1p.m EST.

  • YouTube is the most popular video platform for video engagement in the blogosphere with 81.9% of total embedded and linked videos; followed by Vimeo (8.8%), Daily Motion (4%) and MySpace (1.1%).
  • YouTube engagement across genders is 58% male and 42% female.
  • Within YouTube, the most active demographic group engaging with video is 20-35-year-olds; three times larger than the second-most active demographic.
  • The most popular countries for YouTube video engagement within blogs are the U.S., Brazil, Spain, the U.K. and Canada.
  • In the U.S., bloggers who are the most engaged with video live in California, New York, Texas, Pennsylvania and Florida.

Most Popular Videos

While doing our video study, we also identified the videos that were embedded or linked to the most. Here are the top-five videos for Jul-Sept 2009:

JK Wedding Entrance Dance1. JK Wedding Entrance Dance
The bridal party dances down the aisle to during Kevin and Jill's wedding. 

Evian Roller Babies2. Evian Roller Babies international version
Animated babies in diapers and wearing rollerskates down to "Rapper's Delight" by Dan The Automator. 

Evian Roller Babies international version3. SOUR
This music video done for Sour's "Hibi no Neiro" from their first mini album, "Water Flavor EP". The cast was selected from Sour's fans in countries around the world. Each person and scene was filmed via webcam. 

MTV VMAs Remix: Kanye West Interrupts Obama's Speech4. MTV VMAs Remix: Kanye West Interrupts Obama's Speech
A spoof video shown during the MTV Awards in which singer Kanye West interrupts a speech by U.S. President BarackObama to promote a Beyonce video. 

United Breaks Guitars5. United Breaks Guitars
Canadian musician Dave Carroll's video about United Airline baggage handler's mishandling of his Taylor guitar. 

Overall Market Share

Not surprisingly, YouTube is the most popular video-sharing service used by bloggers to embed and link to videos within blog posts with 81.9% market share. Vimeo is second with 8.8%, while Dailymotion is third with 4%.

Share of YouTube most popular videos 

Overall by Platform
Overall platform

The chart below shows the number of links or embedded videos over the three-month period for the top-four video platforms. The market share remained steady for all four during the three month time period.

Top videos per platform 

Market Share (excluding YouTube)
If YouTube is taken out of the equation, the most popular video-sharing service used by bloggers to embed and link to videos is Vimeo (48.7%), followed by Dailymotion (22.2%), MySpace (6.1%) and Google Video (5.3%).

Market share chart 1 

Market share chart 2 

Market share chart 3 


Most Active Bloggers by City
The most active bloggers when it comes to embedding and linking to videos are located in New York. They are followed by bloggers in Sao Paulo, London and Madrid, who are about half as enthusiastic. The table below shows the number of video links and embeds for cities in comparison to New York.

Overall Top Cities
Most Active Bloggers by City


By a wide margin, bloggers in the 20-to-35-year-old demographic are the most active when it comes to embedding videos and links in blog posts (59%). Bloggers in the 35-to-65-year group accounts for 20.5% and teenager bloggers, 18.3%.Males (60.3%) are more engaged than females (39.6%).

Demographic Chart 

Gender Share
Share by gender

Engagement Activity by Time

Days of the Week
The most popular day to embed and link to videos is Tuesday, followed by Wednesday and Monday. Weekends are when the fewest number of videos are embedded and linked, which is consistent with the fact fewer blog posts are published on the weekend.

Days per week 

Hour of the Day
The most popular time of day to embed and link to videos is between 11 a.m and noon (5.5%), followed by noon to 1 p.m., and 10 a.m. to 11 a.m (EST).

Hour per day

Market Share by Regions

Bloggers in Asia and Oceania market are the least receptive to video platforms other than YouTube, using it 89% of the time. This compares with YouTube's overall 81% market share. Vimeo is a consistent second in all regions. France based Dailymotion follows at third spot but it has significantly higher market share in France and Europe.

U.S. Market Share
In the U.S., 81.6% of bloggers use YouTube to do video embedding and linking, while Vimeo accounts for 10.6%, and Dailymotion (1.8%)

U.S. Market Share 

Share by US States
Share by state 

Platform Share for US
Platform use in the U.S. 


Asian and Oceanic Market
In Asia, the use of YouTube by bloggers is the higher compared with North America, South America and Europe with 88.5% of embedded videos and links. Vimeo is second with 6%, while Dailymotion has 2.4%, and Metacafe and MySpace 0.8% each

Asian and Oceanic Market


European Market
In Europe, 80.5% of bloggers use YouTube to embed videos and do links. Vimeoaccounts for 8.7%, while Dailymotion has 6.8% (Its highest regional market share, mostly because of its popularity in France.)

European Market Share 


South American Market
In South America, YouTube accounts for 87.4% of the embedded video and links, followed by Vimeo (6.1%), Dailymotion (2.8%) and MySpace (0.8%).

South American Market

Demographics by Regions

The demographic charts below show that Asia and Oceania bloggers mostly consist of young users. More than 90% of users from this region are younger than 35-years-old. In comparison, 28% of North American bloggers embedding or linking to video are more than 35-years-old.

Demographics by Region 1 

Demographics by Region 2 

Demographics by Region 3 

Demographics by Region 4

Video Platforms by Demographics

Young male bloggers are the most engaged demographic for all three top video platforms. The distribution within the 21-to-35-year-old demographic and within males is much more skewed for Vimeo and Dailymotion.

Platforms by demographics 

Age Groups for YouTube 
Age groups for YouTube table 

Age groups for YouTube table 

Age Groups for Daily Motion 
Age groups for daily motion table 

Age groups for daily motion chart 

Age Groups for Vimeo 
Age for Vimeo table 

Age for Vimeo chart 

Age Groups for MySpace 
Share of age for Myspace 

YouTube Gender Share 
Share of gender for YouTube 

Vimeo Gender Share 
Share of gender for Vimeo 

Daily Motion Gender Share 
Share of gender for Daily Motion


This study exploring the use of online video services by bloggers is based on a collection of more than 100 million blog posts collected from July to September 2009. This is the part one of a two-part series on our exploration on online video usage. We have identified many usage patterns and trends, some as expected and some surprising. We will continue to report our findings in future versions of the report and on our blog

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