Sysomos Launches Facebook Page Central

Facebook Page Central

No need to constantly check your wall comments. Facebook Page Central deletes unwanted posts and spam automatically.

Sentiment analysis and reports

Create reports on the number of posts, comments, level of engagement, most active fans and sentiment analysis.

Workflow management

An easy to use set of workflow management tools that helps assign moderation responsibilities within your team.

Create Email Alerts

Administrative email alerts are sent every time a keyword on your watchlist is mentioned.

The first professional tool to manage Facebook Fan Pages

With growing popularity of Facebook Pages, one of the biggest challenges facing many companies is effectively and efficiently managing them.

Sysomos, the leading social media monitoring and analytics services company, is excited to announce the launch of Facebook Page Central, the first professional tool to manage and moderate Facebook Pages.

Whether you have single or multiple Facebook Pages, this remarkable tool makes it easier to moderate comments, automate tasks and run reports.

The launch of Facebook Page Central reflects Sysomos´ innovative and forward-thinking approach as the social media landscape continues to grow and becomes more complex.

As part of beta tests, Facebook Page Central has been used by a select number of companies on pages that have a few hundred to several million fans. Today we are announcing the general availability of this tool.

"There´s no doubt more companies are embracing Facebook Pages," said Sysomos president Nick Koudas. "We recognized, however, there had to be a better way to manage them other than continually have to log in, which can be a time-consuming process."

"The creation of Facebook Page Central reflects how Sysomos continues to evolve and improve its services. Our product suite now includes our flagship product, MAP , which delivers analytics and in-depth reports, and Heartbeat, which provides monitoring and measurement services."

Facebook Page Central´s features include:

  • Auto-deletion of unwanted posts and spam.
  • The ability to create reports about the number of posts and comments, the level of engagement, hottest topics, the most active fans and sentiment analysis.
  • Administrative notifications via e-mail if a comment is left. A list of keywords can be created, which if found, notifications will quickly be sent.
  • Workflow management tools to assign moderation responsibilities to members of your team.

"For anyone looking for a better way to manage Facebook Pages, Facebook Page Central makes complete sense," Koudas said.

Facebook Page Central is part of the social media analytics product family by Sysomos, a Marketwire company.

About Sysomos

Sysomos is the social intelligence company backed by data science that gives businesses immediate context to the hundreds of millions of conversations happening online every day. The Sysomos social intelligence platform continuously decodes these conversations and news stories to give marketers real-time answers about what their customers think and feel. More than 1,400 global brands and agencies including United Health Group, 3M, Boeing, Edelman, Genetech, Marriott and Ogilvy trust Sysomos for their social intelligence. Sysomos has offices in seven cities worldwide, including London, New York, San Francisco and Toronto. 

Sysomos MAP

MAP is like the search engine for social media. Listening tools give you snapshots of social activity, based on complex queries you must build carefully in advance. With Sysomos MAP, simply type in your keyword, and instantly see results, including reach and context for your topic today and historically. Unlimited searches, unlimited results, no surprise costs.

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Sysomos Heartbeat

You wouldn’t run a website without web analytics, so your social strategy needs strong analytics, too. Know what your customers are saying, when a crisis is brewing, how healthy your reputation is, what products matter to your community and who is influential in your space. And it’s all real-time, because the social web doesn’t wait.

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