5 Ways Brands Can Rock Their Snapchat Strategy

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Alex DiRenzo Alex DiRenzo, Former Contributor

You’ve created a Snapchat account for your business and have started growing your follower base. Now what? How can you successfully integrate this new channel into your social marketing strategy? Here are five tips to help you create successful content.

1. Use Sneak Peeks to Drive Traffic to Your Other Social Channels

It’s no secret that your social media channels should each have their own unique content (yet tell a cohesive story across all platforms). A well-executed social strategy should drive traffic from one social channel to another. With Snapchat being the new guy (or gal) in town, brands have been focusing on expanding their follower base from other channels. But once you have followers, this app can be used the exact same way.

For example, my favorite influencers post on-the-go snaps of the clothes they’re wearing, products they’re using, destinations they’re visiting, and recipes they’re cooking. As a follower, I immediately visit their Instagram feed or check back on their blog for more info. Take advantage of the “gotta know more” reaction that can drive traffic back to your other channels. More visitors equal increased brand awareness and potential revenue.

Snapchat Story Analytics2. Don’t Forget About Two-Way Engagement

Responding to every follower who snaps you is an ambitious task (although some brands have taken on the challenge).

So how do you engage followers?

  • Speak to them, not at them. Talk to your followers as if you belong in an exclusive little club together. Tell them news or show them something that they wouldn’t hear or see anywhere else.
  • Host a Q&A and have them send questions beforehand.
  • Ask for input on what color they want their favorite product released in, what flavor they’d like to buy, or what outfit they think is better. For this specific tactic, introduce your story and ask them to screenshot their top choice, followed with each item. Set a time to go back before the 24-hour expiry to see which snap got the most screenshots. The best part? Stories can be re-watched in case a viewer needs to go back to decide.

3. Curate a Story OfflineSnapchat Story Airplane Mode

Posting a story that contains a series of snaps? Airplane mode is your best friend. If you’re creating a longer story that should be viewed all at once (see tip #2), it can be frustrating when a follower views your story before you have time to post the rest. The great news is that Snapchat can be accessed offline. Just post as you normally would and the snaps will fail. Once you’ve sent all the relevant snaps to your story, go online and tap to “retry” posting. Make sure you’re doing this in the correct order (bottom to top).


4. Create a Geofilter for Your Event

If you have an event coming up, purchase a geofilter! They’re easy to setup, relatively inexpensive, and people love using them.

Snapchat Geofilter AnalyticsI recently used this feature for a wedding. Here are some key takeaways:

  • Applications for geofilters run up to 30 days in advance. My colleague submitted hers and the approval process took a day and a half. Mine took two hours. If you’re in a time crunch, try tweeting the team. Snapchat support was extremely responsive and helpful.
  • I submitted two different filters for the same event and both were accepted. However, each location has a cap on the number of geofilters they’ll allow. If you’re in a busy spot, make sure you submit well in advance.
  • Three to four generic “Toronto” filters appeared before mine, so people may not have known it existed. According to customer support, files are uploaded and appear from smallest to biggest. Reduce your file size as much as possible without compromising quality to attempt appearing first. Writing something similar to “snappers swipe right” on your event signage can also help combat this road bump.
  • Follow the guidelines. If you don’t have an in-house designer or know how to use Photoshop, there are many Etsy shops that sell them.
  • You’ll have access to basic analytics once the geofilter has run, e.g. total uses and views, individually and overall.

5. Pay Attention to What Works and What Doesn’t

Some things don’t work on social media and Snapchat is no exception. Most brands are new to it and so trial and error is expected – but only for so long.

  • If you’ve posted multiple snaps to your story, watch the numbers on each individual post. Are the numbers for each consistent or do they trail off? If you first few snaps are boring or irritating, users are likely to exit your story and avoid the rest.
  • Use the individual analytics per geofilter to see what ones your followers liked best. This can help influence your design and wording the next time around.
  • What are people saying about your Snapchat? Setup a keyword filter in your listening and monitoring tool that’s specific to your social media channels. That way you can quickly see how people are reacting to them online.

Is your brand using Snapchat? Where have you seen success with your snaps? Or are there any reasons you’re hesitant? Let us know in the comments below, we’d love to hear!

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